We all believe in the magic of books as an educational tool for our children. The books we provide matter, maybe more than anything else in the world. We believe personalized books create a profound impact with children and also a great mutual connection between them. That connection can have an enormous impact on the child's future as part of their educational and creative learning process. It was precisely for this objective and a love of reading that prompted us to start this project.


We are the Storyofmy.name, a personalised children's company from The Story Tailors S.L. Under our brand My Magic Story, we offer a beautiful range of personalized children’s book. Our aim was to create products that would create unique experiences for young children and contribute educational and positive values. We want the books you create with us to be one that you come back to again and again. And when your child outgrows that book, we know it will be one of those cherished possessions that you’ll want to keep forever.


The Storyofmy.name invites all children on a magical journey, full of charming characters who accompany the children and their protagonist to an exciting adventure in colourful and amazing worlds. Personalization is the core of our children's books, which contains a story based on the letters of the name of each protagonist.


Let the magic begin!


About The Story Tailors S.L

The Story Tailors was founded by a skilled team highly experienced in the field of animation, specialised in children’s content in Barcelona. The spirit and idea of the company was to create magical and cordial stories that would arouse children’s interest in books and offer parents a pedagogical tool at the same time. Through a complex algorithm, the system generates books that are not only personalized by the child’s name but as well tell a unique story for each letter of the child’s name.

Our first successfully launched book, “The magic of my name” is a personalized book based on the letters of a child’s name. The book is available in more than 7 languages and has sold more than 100,000 books in its first year. If you want to know more about our products, please don’t hesitate to visit us at: www.mymagicstory.com.


The Story Tailors S.L

Gran de Gràcia 15, 1º 1ª

08012, Barcelona, Spain



Emma "My daughter loves Hello Kitty so to be able to give her a Hello Kitty book where she is a part of the story is incredible! I would 100% recommend it!" Clarissa "An adorable, colorful book with a clear message about the values of friendship. My little girl won't leave the house without her new personalized Hello Kitty book." Simon "This little book was the perfect birthday present. A really creative, positive story line which made my daughter's birthday even more special!" Myra "As a kindergarten teacher I think that this is a really great way to get children interested in learning about numbers." Alice "Spending some time coloring in the letters of his name has really helped my little boy learning to write his name!" Chris "Who doesn't love coloring - especially when the entire story line is about you! My son loves it."