Who is the book for?

“Storyofmy.name” is a personalised book aimed at children from 0-8 years old. It’s the perfect tool for children who are learning to read. Being such a special and personal children's product, it also makes a perfect gift for any occasion (baby showers, birthdays, christenings..) as it will be a keepsake for life.

What will the physical book I receive look like?

- Cover: Soft 12oz Novatec, Gloss Laminated

- Inner pages: Gloss

- Paper: 7oz Arco, Gloss laminated

- Size: 6x5 inches

- Printed on Novatec FSC Stock 

Also the interior pages has an FSC certificate:

"The FSC paper has a certificate certifying that the wood with which the product is made that owns comes from managed according to the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council forests (in English: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)), which includes measures sustainable forest management in ecological, social and economic aspects, among others. "

Is there a maximum number of characters for the name?

At present it is only possible to order with a maximum number of 12 letters of the name to order. If the name exceeds this limit, an error message is displayed.

How much does the book cost?

The standard book costs 24.90 GBP including VAT. However, there are a few additional options you can add which will alter the price of the customised children's book. For example: for only 4.99 GBP extra you can purchase your personalised book as a hardback (2mm thick card), or if you would like the children's book to arrive sooner, you can reduce the delivery time with an extra charge of 7.99 GBP. Once you've added the book/s to your basket, and you've indicated your personal information and shipping data you can select these options in step 3 of the process.

How much does delivery cost?

After you entered your delivery address you can choose a shipping method. Shipping costs are then calculated and tacked on to your subtotal. 

Our shipping prices are as follows:

Your order will be dispatched with basic board envelope. A tracking number is not included.
Delivery time: 15-25 working days*

Your order will be protected with special packaging. A tracking number is not included.
Delivery time: 15-25 working days*

What are your additional costs?

Hard cover: £2.69

Extra stories: £2.69

Glossy paper: £2.69

Dedication: £0.99

What is the delivery time for my personalised book? 

Do not forget that  each book is personalised  and there are no books in stock. The delivery time is 10 - 15 business days. If delivery is needed quickly, we also offer a  express delivery which is an estimated 10 business days

In addition, if the program could not have been served at the First attempt, the courier will try a second time. If the second delivery attempt also fails, your order for 1 week is stored in the package centre, and then sent back to us.

* Our books are produced in England.

How can I track my parcel?

When your personalised book has left the printing house, you will receive an email informing that the order has been shipped. If you have more questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch - we would love to hear from you!

Can I make changes to my book after the order has been placed?

After the order has been completed you can change the delivery dates within 20 hours and cancel your order. Please send an e-mail to: support@storyofmy.name. Changes to the book, as well as names, dedication, gender, additional pages, soft / hardcover etc. can no longer be changed.